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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Good Friendships

... are sometimes hard to come by. Yet that's what makes friendships so meaningful.

As Ryan and I have been gathering addresses for Christmas cards, we've talked a lot about connections and how grateful we are for good friends. We have developed relationships, individually and as a couple, over the past 25 years through church, work, and school that have resulted in some incredible experiences with friends from all over the nation and around globe.

Today as I write out these addresses, I am reminded of how small the world really is, and how grateful I am for a myriad of friends that stem from our own neighborhoods, to Arizona, California, Washington DC, Virginia, and Florida, as well as Peru, Chile, Russia, Singapore, and France. These incredible men and women have offered some of the most wonderful memories and service that life has to offer, and I feel lucky to count them as friends.

I hope this Christmas season give us each a moment to pause and remember wonderful friendships that fill our lives

Let there be joy this Christmas!


Our Family

Our Family
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