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Monday, December 19, 2011


Last night a cousin expressed she was surprised to find out that a mutual acquaintance of ours had been a good friend of mine in high school. The shared acquaintance is social, outgoing, and I am seemingly not so. It's true, I'm reserved to a point (perhaps to a flaw even). I have a few close friends, and don't necessarily need a lot of friends. In fact, I have had some of my same friends since elementary school. But there's a reason.

Junior high is a particularly awkward and difficult time both socially and physically. My junior high experience has become a blur, mostly because I tend not to think back on those years. That period represents an unexplained period of my life that makes my stomach churn with anxiety. Whether losing my voice for almost two years was some sort of severe anxiety disorder (because there was plenty of it), or just an unexplained physiological phenomena, I deal with the consequences every day in some form or another.

I would not wish the visits to specialists and psychiatrists, the unrelenting teasing or constant misunderstanding on anyone. However, I gained valuable experience from that time. I became more observant of the world around me, my heart became softer towards those who are overlooked, and friendships became deeper. I honestly do not know why I was blessed with the truest and most understanding of friends during that time, and aside from caring parents and grandparents, they were the reason I made it through that time.

I recently read a little saying in Spanish on a friend's Facebook wall, "En las buenas te conocen tus amigos. En las malas conoces a tus amigos." Translated, it's something along the lines of in the good times you meet your friends, in the bad you get to know your friends (or you find out who your friends are). I have the privilege of knowing this for a fact.

Ryan (Mad Dog)

Will and his family

Nick and his family

Laura and her family

One of these friends eloquently put it on my wedding day, "I am grateful for friends on which the expanses of time and empty space have no effect." I cannot say it any better.


Our Family

Our Family
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