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Monday, November 7, 2011


I started writing this post in July...

Picture this: Darling family, beautiful home, fancy car. Add a handsome husband, trophy wife, maybe a kid or two. Now picture them stepping out of the J Crew or Gap catalogue and voila. That is the 'norm'.

What's wrong with us? Why haven't we achieved that? We have four college degrees between the two of us...

Taking a step back, that is what the 'norm' appears to be. Looks can be deceiving.

Picture this: Darling family, drowning in years and years worth of student debt. Different picture?

I was naive. I looked and saw success, popularity, Darling perfection. I felt down on myself for not fitting the mold, for not being well-dressed and accessorized.

But then again, that is why it's called perception.

Perception... euphemism for keeping up with the Jones'?

Remember this guy?

I guess reality isn't that bad. In fact, I read today "life doesn't have to be [picture] perfect to be wonderful" and it's true.


Our Family

Our Family
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