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Monday, November 7, 2011

Adi Update

Today Adrielle is 20 months and four weeks to be exact. Just shy of 21 months.

Yep, I am (still) referring to my child's age in months. I'm a first-time mom. I have license to do that. And just so you are aware, 19 months is not the same as 24 months. :) 

Anyway, I figured it has been a while since Ryan and I did an update about our little lady... so... 

Adi's height and weight... I had no idea, Ryan informed me it was 26lbs last week at the Doctors. She's starting to lose her cute chubby legs and tummy, and I think she might have my height in terms of legs to torso ratio. No bad, good for reaching to your toes and flexibility. :)

She's becoming very independent and her favorite words are naturally 'no' and 'mine'. She's starting to mimic every little thing we say and my new favorite is 'zombie' after my dad showed us this cute clip. (Confession, she even mimics when I say "that sucks" so I'm having to strike that from my vocab...)

Adi loves to brush her teeth and hair, walk around with my purse, play the piano, and go for walks (still). Her newest obsession is taking tongs or my hair straightener and follow us around while clamping it together and saying "monster". No idea where that came from. 

This little girl sings the entire ABC's all the time. She doesn't have it quite down, but I'm trying to help her to my goal of her knowing her ABC's by the time she's 2. :) She's a little (or a lot) too smart for her own good. 

She loves Ryan and all of our parents and adores my brothers. It's really cute. It's also adorable that she loves babies.

She does well in nursery (ha, I'm one of the leaders), and understands "mama will be right back". 

Adi had her first official babysitter this past week at a friend's house. When I went to pick her up... she didn't want to go with me and clung to the babysitter. Novelty... I'm hoping. 

She's still working on growing hair, it's a slow process. Teeth not so much, working on canine #2. Almost! 

Anyway, here are some pictures from our mischievousness lately... 

The little kitten (my dad taught her how to cross her ankles... so cute!)

Adi and I playing in the leaves... before the new hair do. 

Miss Independent. 

So full of personality! 

And attitude! 

And so stinkin' cute! 


Shelly said...

She's so cute! We need to get Adi and Parker together again sometime now that they are old enough to play.

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