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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Never. Say. Never.

You know how there are times when you see people do stupid things and ask, "how on earth could they have done that?" You know how you've seen videos of people driving away from the gas station with the hose still in the gas tank... like this guy?

You know how you always say I could never be that person? 

Never. Say. Never.

I am that person.

Last week, I swung by the gas station on my way to work. I dropped off Ryan and ran to the Shell down the street. I knew that I was going to go inside to say hi to a friend who works there, so I thought out my plan to leave my purse and keys and locked my door.

My whole gas-pump routine was off. When I came back, I went to unlock the door--that I had locked (yet never do otherwise) and looked at the gas pump. I was less than a fourth a gallon away from completely empty. I was a little flustered, yet grateful I hadn't run out of gas.

I got in my car, lifted my foot off the brake and drove about three feet and hurd a thud! I had driven away with the hose still in the tank!

I felt like an idiot and had to run back into the gas station sheepishly.

Luckily there was a fail safe that just disconnected. Either way, I won't be pumping gas there again.

But, let me remind you. Never. Say. Never.


Our Family

Our Family
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