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Saturday, October 1, 2011


They're flawed and stereotyped. And everybody's got an opinion.

But women, oh women.

Forget the shopping, craft-crazed socialites. Let's talk heart-to-hearts.

Yes, heart-to-hearts.

You know what I'm talking about. The things women talk about when men aren't around. When they've let down their guards, have had a few figurative drinks, and gab.

It's true women love to talk about shopping, crafts, books, kids, movies, and often politics and other intellectually stimulating material. But, women love to talk about men.

Or... Should I say complain. About their husbands.

I'm not talking minor differences of opinions or simple observations. I'm talking I-have-a-laundry-list-of-character-flaws that I either want or need to fix.

Far too often, I have been in a situation where I have had to smile and listen as other women start to complain about their husbands.

The worst part? Most women in the circles join in and soon it's a pity party.

Honestly women?

I know each couple has different ways of dealing with challenges, but these discussions would be more fruitful if you talked to your husbands about them.

That having been said, I understand the need to vent.

Ryan and I learned a valuable lesson with this a few weeks ago when someone I see on a weekly basis said some not-so-nice things to me. A few weeks past, and I had gotten over it rather quickly. Ryan however still felt negative feelings towards this person because of the conversation we had had about it.

Now, imagine that individual had been Ryan and that I had tabbed to a girlfriend about it. She may not have realized that I'd moved on.

So ladies, remember that after you vent and go home, and after you're finished being annoyed with him for wanting or not wanting kids, working too much, staying out too late, spending too much, not making enough and/or a myriad of other things, others around you may not.


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Our Family
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