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Friday, August 19, 2011

My Picture Book of Songs

Did you wonder what the title of this post was all about? Well...

When I was a little girl, my mother pulled out the yellow songbook. The yellow songbook was tradition in my family and I remember singing about Jumbo Elephant, the Giraffe, Mr. Jack-o-lantern, and Simple Sal (among others). What was neat about our yellow songbook was that my mom had had my dad (who worked at the University Press at the time) chop off the binding, laminate the pages, and bind it back together in a spiral. So, instead of being tattered from use, it was well-worn with only slightly bent edges.

As I grew up, I remember absolutely adoring the book and the songs, and I even took it babysitting with me as part of my babysitting kit (cardboard box with cow-print wrapping paper and all). Oh yes I was that nerdy.

Anyway, the yellow songbook has grown to be a family tradition and now Adrielle absolutely adores it. I love it when she sings Jumbo Elephant as "Umbo Eefaat" when she sees the pictures. Darling.

Image courtesy of hart + sew 
As I was googling "My Picture Book of Songs" I (as always) came across a blog post about the origin of the book, and wanted to share. Love it.

And, I'm looking forward to taking my copy (my mom bought each of us a copy of the 40th edition) and having it laminated and rebound.


Our Family

Our Family
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