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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Letters from Chile: The Kids and Antofagasta

I apologize if you're bored to death with me posting about my internship experience in Chile, but since we use this as a journal of sorts, I thought it would be important to include more about this period of my life. So, I bring you more letters (emails) from Chile with pictures, of course.

Hello everyone!

I'm still doing great here in Iquique, Chile. Today was great with the kids, I am learning a lot about patience, as results and progress sometimes is slow with the kids, and the sad part is that mostly this is because the parents don't do exercises with their kids to improve their development.

I have learned even more now that what is worth most is what takes the most effort, and constant work and effort to maintain. If it doesn't take constant effort it may be lost, in the case of the kids if they don't do their exercises constantly they will loose capacity and will not be able to achieve their potential. It is the same eternally, our eternal progression requires discipline and constant effort to obey the commandments of our loving heavenly Father, if we stop we lose capacity and will not be able to reach our eternal potential as His children. It has been a reinforcement in what I already strive for and know, and I am learning in other aspects of the practice also.

Learning about the diseases of the children has been fascinating especially since I have a hands on learning experience with them daily, and it has become personal as I have grown to love these kids.

I passed the 18th of September in Antofagasta and it was so great to see so many of those I had known in the mission! What a great experience to be reunited with my Chilean brothers and sisters there in Antofa!

I include pictures of me in Antofagasta, and of me participating in a typical 18th of Sept. activity which is to try and get this thing with a hole in the bottom to fling up onto a little dowel thing. Hopefully you'll get a better idea of it when you see the picture.

Well, gotta go! Cuidense harto!



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Our Family
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