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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Letters from Chile: The Kids and COANIL

After finding a past email from when I was an intern in northern Chile, I have been thinking about my time at COANIL. So, I'm posting another email I sent, along with some pictures of the kids.

Hello Everyone!!

Sorry that I write these huge bulk mails, but it's easier to write what I've been up to lately in one e-mail, instead of separate to each individual, but know that I think of you separately! I'm sure you all know how that is. Can you believe that I'm pretty much halfway through with my time here in Chile?? It's been crazy for me, the time has gone by fast, and I'll be seeing you before we know it! Working with the kids is getting better and better I think! They are such characters!

Today it was great to see the progress in a little boy named David. He is about 3 and would come in everyday crying and yelling, he did not like to be in a sitting position and would fight and fight to lay down on his back and look at his fingers. And to be laid down on his stomach was the same fight. But he has been gradually getting used to it and hasn't cried like he used to. But today it was so great! He actually didn't cry at all! I put him on an exercise ball and we have them put their hands in front of them to hold themselves up, and usually he won't do that, but today he supported himself with one arm and one hand at least! It was so great to see that progress! It made all the effort of the past weeks worth it! So that was a great thing to have happen today!

Yesterday there was a little girl that is about 3 or 4 too, and she has spina bifida. She talked a million miles an hour and was so funny, and naughty too, she said some swear words. That made me laugh a little, even though I shouldn't laugh at little girls saying naughty words in Spanish, but she had no idea what she was saying, she just knew that it was an expression used, probably in her house a lot, when something wrong happened. She was so cute and so funny though, she was very wiggly and would go all over the place and then say she was so tired and lay down for a second, and then she was going again. Well, hope everything is going great for you all!



Our Family

Our Family
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