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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First "Official" Photo Shoot

My teacher keeps saying that good photography is a combination of style and technique, so I'm practicing. Throw in the fact that Adi really doesn't enjoy being the model, and it comes up in conversation at work. So, what helps me helps you, right? 

Right. My colleague, Sherami, and her beautiful family agreed to pose for family pictures. Here are a few of my favorites... 

Isn't she gorgeous? (Oh, and I love square photos.)


Sherami and Pablo (She is incredibly photogenic!)

Sherami and Pablo


The whole family with Harrison 

Their little guy, what a cutie!

Thanks Jara Family!


Sherami said...

I LOVED THESE!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you McKenzie!!!

Alison Rae said...

Great job McKenzie! These are great pictures! Keep up the good work!

Sherami said...

P.S. Posted about this on my blog too! Gotta get the word out that you're awesome!

Our Family

Our Family
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