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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Quest for the Perfect Pizza Pie

Last week our bread maker died. Did I mention it was barley a year old? Did I mention that's what we always used it for our pizza dough?

Luckily last week I bought myself my mother's day gift...

I spent the entire evening reading it and finished it before I went to bed. I was extremely excited!

The best part was that Ryan and I had a breakthrough last week because in the food nanny cookbook, we found an amazing dough recipe that used half white flour, half wheat flour. It was so easy, and we made it by hand!

I also thought that because we were trying something new... I venture to use the pizza stone again (the first time I used it, it was a complete failure)... but this time we had corn meal.

We had a variety of veggies and random items so we made a few different kinds of pizza... voila!

BBQ Chicken - Ready for the Stone!

BBQ Chicken Pizza - Half-eaten. :) Yum. 

Spinich, Onion, Tomato, and Corn Pizza - a palate pleaser. 

Onion, Yellow/Red Pepper, and Spinich Pizza... the Best. Ever.

Adi loves Pizza! 

Kenz loves Pizza!

Ryan loves Pizza!



Maria said...

Yumm! Would LOVE that dough recipe!

Amanda Jeffs said...

oh my goodness that looks AMAZING!!

Richard Condie said...

That pizza looks so good! Small world - one of my kindergarten students is the food nanny's granddaughter! She's coming next week for an "enrichment" meeting in the Belmont Ridge ward. I'm so going now especially after this post! :) Hope you're doing well!!!

Richard Condie said...

Oh sorry - that was Emily, not Richard! :)

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