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Monday, May 16, 2011

10 Months Down, 3 More to Go!

For those of you who know us, we made a huge decision last year that meant another year of undergrad for Ryan. Well, guess what!? 10 months of that are gone, and we only have 3 more to go!

Granted, these next three months will be intense, but I am proud of Ryan! He has been working so hard in Genetics, Chemistry, Cell Bio, and Physics. He is incredibly gifted academically, and we have seen so many blessings because of our decision to follow the prompting to pursue Medical School.

Here's to 3 more months of classes and then on to the MCAT!

Good luck sweetheart, you're the best!

On a side-note...

Congratulations to Ryan for achieving an excellent personal best in Chemistry at the U--with a four-hour commute each day. Love you!


Our Family

Our Family
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