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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fashion on the Street

For as many clothes that stores distribute, that are all the same, it's a wonder that people don't wear the same things. It's cool that people can express their personalities through what we wear. While taking public transportation, I have learned a thing or two about style and personalities.

Lesson I: Beanie.
The over-sized beanie used to cover a mess of dreds. Dreds can be cool and nasty.

Lesson II: Scrubs.
Some type of nursing convention or testing must have been taking place at the U, because there was a whole herd of them headed that way. It was uncanny how they all were pretty much wearing the same color of scrubs, their makeup was all similar, and most were wearing a white zip-up hoodie sweatshirt.

Lesson III: Sequined Hat.
Sparkly hat and sparkling personality. This lady was really fun.

Lesson IV: Skinny jeans and pointy shoes.
I don't like them.

Lesson V: Ear holes.
They can be used for more than cool gauges, like an extra cigarette?

Lesson VI: Luscious Locks.
Don't mistake a man for a woman because of them. This guy probably has some women convinced that life is not fair.


Shantel Aleece said...

Haha, I love Lesson VI. Lesson V was just scary.

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