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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day and Birthday Wishes

Valentine's Day was exciting, and much better than anticipated!

First off... Adrielle's 1-year Doctor's Appointment! Adrielle is now 64th percentile for weight, 32nd percentile for height (definitely an error considering that 3 months before she was less than a half an inch different), and 93rd percentile for head circumference... We love our little girl and are so grateful she's grown so well this past year!

Check out how darling this video is! Ryan and Adi have such a cute relationship. I love this.

And yes, my little girl is wearing a tutu. It was very festive. :)

Fast forward through the 1-year shots and tears and most of the day... Around 2pm I wandered over to the bookstore. I was so worried. I felt bad that I didn't have a 'gift' for Ryan. We went shopping last week and found some fun things, but I didn't have a gift for him to open. So, I searched the bookstore high and low (figuratively and literally) and finally found something we had talked about previously and a little something for Adrielle too! I ran to get them wrapped and went back to work.

Around 4pm, someone knocks on my door and...


Ryan and Adi had driven down early from the U and brought be a bouquet of my favorite flowers.... Aren't they beautiful!?

Ryan is so tricky because each year I know for sure that he won't have time to get flowers--especially glads because they're so hard to find in February. But each year he manages to get beautiful flowers. And, while roses are wonderful (he bought me pink roses and yellow hydrangea in 2008), I love glads. (But, don't get me wrong, I don't mind roses... ;)

It was fun being able to spend a little extra time with Adi, and she enjoyed the Valentine's suckers the student employees put together in the office. She opened her gift--a set of blocks, puzzle, and book to help her learn her ABCs and Ryan opened his too...

A nice tie rack to display his ties. I love how this looks.

That evening, Ryan and I threw together an impromptu celebratory dinner of yummy fish, potatoes, bruschetta, cauliflower, and left-over chocolate-covered-strawberries...

(I say 'left-overs' because my mother-in-law made them for our Valentine's Day/Birthday Family Party.)

to celebrate... my dad's birthday! Yep, he's a Valentine! Happy Birthday again Dad! Hope you had a great day!

While Ryan and I cooked, Adi entertained herself with the computer--she's so inquisitive!

My little computer baby--who knows you may be looking at the next computer programmer.


Shelly said...

Sounds fun! I love that Adi has several different tutus, so cute!

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