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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life as a Postgrad Undergrad: Installment II

I've been MIA because my schedule this semester is really busy -- Chem II with lab and Cell Bio (each with discussion sections) in addition to Emergency First Aid with lab, and a Spanish translation course for health-care providers so that I can do some hospital translation.

Well, my first undergrad education is really paying off in my translation class, as exhibited by this email that went out to class members:

It's embarrassing (but not enough for me not to post about it) for the professor to have mentioned my name as the high score in an email sent to the class. (I think if he would have known that I have a background in Spanish, he might not have been so enthusiastic.) I guess it just goes to show that all of my hard work in Chile trying to learn the language as a missionary, as well as trips back to intern for COANIL (check them out here and here), and to conduct research funded by BYU paid off, and I'm grateful.

Now I'm just hoping that the hard work I'm putting into next week's exams (Cell Bio, Chem II, and Emergency First Aid) pays off as well. Wish me luck.


Our Family

Our Family
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