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Monday, January 3, 2011

Quasimodo Eye

Why dedicate the time and effort to document a nasty eye? Because it doesn't happen, well, ever. After Christmas, our family enjoyed a lot of unplanned down time. Yeah, we were all sick (with the exception of Adi who was just plain bored of her temporarily-invalid parents). Days of a sore throat, fever, a productive cough (I still can't get over this euphemism because it's great), sinus and ear infections for me, and a gunky Quasimodo eye were among some of the joys we experienced.

I really should have taken a picture of my eye prior to dousing/water boarding it with saline solution because this picture is really nothing like what it was. Just imagine a swollen eyelid with gunk along the lids.

Now we're talking (thanks, Disney). This image is much more representative.

Yes, it was gross and yes, I was somewhat fascinated by it (of course in a frequently washing my hands and freaking out about touching my eye kind of way).

The strange combination of ailments really made me grateful for modern medicine and the hard work that physicians and others have gone through to make our lives more comfortable. I believe that although not perfect, this knowledge was divinely inspired and should not be taken lightly. Preparing to study medicine has given me a deeper appreciation for this work, and I believe that it is a way to ease others' burdens that they may become lighter (Mosiah 18:8). I certainly felt the burden of sickness ease as I began to feel better and resume a productive life.


Our Family

Our Family
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