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Monday, January 31, 2011

11 Months

For the past 6 months (or possibly more), Ryan has posted Adrielle's monthly updates. I guess it's time for me to get in gear. And, although this is a couple weeks late, I am excited about the stage Adi is in and the little things she is figuring out.

Adi is/has... walking 100% of the time!, 21 lbs, 7 teeth (although more must be coming in).

Adi can... give high fives!, kick her ball, brush her hair, fold her arms for prayers (she did this by herself!), draw (yesterday she found a pen and started "drawing" on a piece of paper, I'm amazed at how quickly she picks up on new skills), drink out of a straw, drink out of a sippy cup, and last, but definitely not least, climb.

Adi loves... bathtime (still), babies, other kids, animals, chasing WALL-E (the roomba), to be chased, play peek-a-boo, her ball popper, chasing after her ball and kicking it, music and dancing... and so much more! 

Adi says... Tiki, Jazzy, Gramma, Grandpa, Mamma, Dadda, Baba, Nana, anad a lot of other baby talk for which I would need a translator to understand. 
All-in-all Adrielle is a bright, energetic little girl. She is all girl, and most of the time a daddy's girl. She observes and acts based on what she learns. It's incredible! Last week in Sunday School, another toddler brought a snack trap. Adi had never seen one, and not knowing what it was ignored it. It wasn't until she saw another toddler take a treat out that she knew there were delicious snacks inside... and it only took seeing it once for her to reach her little hand down inside and discover the fun!

We love our little girl, and are excited to celebrate her first birthday soon! 


Camille said...

super cute blog McKenzie! Adi's adorable! ps-the first birthday is so much fun! I'm excited for you guys!

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