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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

273.931649 days

In an effort to be creative, I googled "Nine Months". The response: nine months = 273.931649 days. Not exactly what I was expecting, but perfect none the less.

273.931649 days -- the approximate age of Adrielle! Yep, she is nine months old! She is the most beautiful, darling, and fun little girl. Her personality is developing so much and she brings joy to our lives each day!

Most of the time, Ryan writes Adrielle's updates, but I figured it was time for me to get back into the blogging world. It has been a few months without anything of substance, so now is the time. (And, I hope to post at least 25 times this month to celebrate Christmas!)

The past couple of months have been a whirlwind. Ryan has been hard at school, I have been hard at work, and Adrielle has enjoyed spending time with family and doing fun and exciting things.

At her 9-month appointment she weighed just over 19lbs putting her in the 65th percentile. Her height was measured incorrectly and her head was in the 90th percentile. Needless to say she is an active little girl! She started walking right before she was 9 months old, but now realizes that is less risky to crawl. Sometimes she starts walking without realizing and when she does, she'll sit right down. Silly girl.

She's starting to talk more and more and some of her words are ma ma, da da, and na na. She hasn't quite figured out what mama, dada, and na na mean, but it's still cute. She understands and signs 'more' and definitely knows what 'look' means. I am looking forward to being able to teach her so many things and helping her learn the alphabet! (Secretly--or not so secretly--I would love for Santa to bring her an iPad for Christmas next year. It is so fun to watch her learning how to use my phone--she is so inquisitive and smart!)

She has a few new 'tricks'. :) She loves to climb! I'm worried that soon she's be able to pull herself up on things and climb onto the coffee table. For now, if there is anything (a box or a body) close to the table she'll make her way onto it anyway.) She has also started to have tantrums. It's quite the learning experience. It's impossible because she doesn't understand discipline yet, so it makes for quite an interesting scene. Hopefully the "terrible twos" started (and thus end) early.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of what she's been up to as she has continued growing...

Adi loves to swing. I don't know if it's the motion or the sound of me shouting 'wheee' that she enjoys more.

My new favorite phrase about Adrielle is "Adi loves books. Books and food." She is so happy when she is eating and loves everything. So far her favorite food is definitely cheerios, followed closely by everything else. :)

After we got back from Washington, we tried on Adi's new hat. I know, she is so stinkin' cute!

And, to get ready for the holidays, Adrielle discovered twinkle lights for the first time...

Fa la la la laaaaa, la la la la!

Helping set up the tree...

Helping decorate the tree...

Enjoying a snack while showing her Cougar pride!

Still Terrorizing Ponies!!

Enjoying play-dates and sharing books

Dressed and ready for Black Friday shopping...

Enjoying the Christmas Tree Boutique

Sunday, November 28, 2010 - Adrielle Enjoying Falling Snow for the first time. She LOVED it.

Climbing (and playing with the nativity)

Being a darling pixie!

Expressing her love for Texas Roadhouse Rolls!


kell said...

ha ha ha--these pictures crack me up! She is so cute, and getting so big!! I'm glad you guys are doing well. Love ya!!

Kara said...

kenz she is such a DOLL! So cute. Happy nine months Adi.

Adi said...

To be clear...reading 9 months at the beginning of a post can cause one to think something else!

YAY AdrielLE!

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