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Monday, October 13, 2014

Blazer and Jeans Kind of Girl

Last year for my birthday, my incredible mother-in-law, Jennifer, took me shopping in Park City. It was a blast, especially because shopping with Jennifer, Ryan, and Erin is always awesome. 

We spent time perusing various stores, and walked into Banana Republic. Instantly I saw this gorgeous red blazer with brass buttons and immediately asked an associate if they had it in navy. 

They did. A gorgeous, tailored, blue blazer with brass buttons. I was in heaven. 

I have loved this blazer. It has become my statement and I love it. 

Random Valentine's Day Picture... 


Family Pictures (July 2014) 

Bar Hopping with Heidi (: 

Bowling with Heidi 


and Chuy's Baptism 

My last day at BYU, when my office threw a going-away party, my favorite thing was the #hashtag on the board that says... 


Heidi seriously knows me so well. It put a huge smile on my face. 

The morning I left Utah (to be blogged about shortly), I had decided that although I really, really loved everything about this headshot for my new LinkedIn Profile: 

It was lacking one major component: the blazer.

So the amazing Mar Downs snapped a few more mere hours before I hopped on a plane headed 4,000 miles away. 

That plane ride started with the blazer on... 

and almost ended treacherously when the littlest Binx picked up the hats from underneath the seat but forgot the blazer. We were 3/4 way to our next gate when I realized it. 

I had almost given up hope about getting it back, but after a discovering we knew friend on the plane (what a blessing) waiting at the gate, I sprinted the 1/2 mile thought JFK to beg the flight attendant to go back to see if it was there. 

Thank my lucky stars. 

I love this blazer. 

I am (at least when in the United States in temperate climates) a jeans and blazer kind of girl. 


Maleen said...

So glad you got it back. I would have cried with you had you lost it. Nothing like losing an old friend.

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