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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekly Beach Review

I had a friend here tell me to enjoy the beauty of the island, and I am trying my best before classes start.

My first Saturday in Grenada we went to Grand Anse (which is also visible from the primary rooms at church).

(Today at church.)

Monday was pool day at the University Club, there's also a private beach there where we found some conch shells.

Not my picture (

On Tuesday we went to Magazine Beach (we actually went to another beach near Magazine that was amazing for snorkeling, but stopped by Magazine first).

On Wednesday, per recommendation from a local and also with some friends, we went to BBC (Morne Rouge) Beach. Great shade and fun snorkeling out in the grassy areas.

I forgot to take a camera (
Unfortunately, my back got toasted while snorkeling here. It had to happen some time, though.

Thursday it rained ...
Friday we went to St. George's and I had registration at school ...

Yesterday, Saturday, a group of us went to La Sagasse.

La Sagasse is amazingly beautiful with trees for shade, a freshwater stream running into the ocean, and it is located in a nature preserve. I took the kayak out and enjoyed the view of the preserve from the water. It looks like something out of Jurassic Park from out there.

Here's a taste of it just from the beach ...


Our Family

Our Family
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