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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Going to St. George is a Thing ...

I had a meeting in St. George last week and so we decided to make a weekend of it.

Kenz and Binx went to a splash pad, where Binx immediately made friends.
Evidence? Kenz texted me these pictures while I was still in my meeting ...

At the splash pad!

Picnicking with new friends. 

Meanwhile, my view from my meeting at Dixie State University looked a lot like this ...

We had plans that really didn't involve plans other than to chill out, which ended up being to our advantage because we met up with so many friends who had also decided to spend the weekend in St. George. (We guess that going to St. George is a thing?)

It was so great to discover that friends who currently live in LA were in town for the weekend!

And the next day Binx ran into her friends (who happen to live next door at home) at the splash pad!

Great weekend! We may even have to do the St. George thing again (especially since I had a breathtakingly amazing run along the Virgin River Trail on Saturday morning).


Our Family

Our Family
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