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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Life Lately

It's been a while. 
We've been busy in the ups and downs of med school interviews, tearing apart our house and trying to put it back together, adventures in transportation, work, and life in general.

Hopefully this helps catch things up.

 The Binx is loving gymnastics ...

Binx is taking gymnastics and just moved up a class. She is REALLY excited about it.

Oh, and she got a new big-girl bed for her birthday.

Adventures in transportation ...

We sold Leonel, a faithful car of 10 years, and have been driving a truck until the med school thing pans out and we can make concrete plans.

Meanwhile ...

This happened to the truck. Luckily it happened in the driveway, was a quick fix, and was under recall.

I have been painting (learning to paint) ...

Kenz got me oil painting lessons for Christmas.

Mostly, I've been painting a lot of boxes. But I have been working on a boat the past couple of classes.

Maybe I can get it looking good enough to put somewhere someday. 

We tore up the house ...

We painted our bathroom, replaced the mirror, and put up some shelves.

And replaced flooring ...

We have been wanting to change the flooring in the house for a while and have always loved travertine. So when we saw it for a great deal, we went ahead and bought a crate (or two) and have been working on getting our house back ever since.

We hope to not ever do a project like this again, or at least not for a while or whenever we will be wanting a kitchen or somewhere to sit.

One good thing about this DIY project and frequent trips to Home Depot is that Binx was able to have some fun and make a bird feeder.

And she prays every night that we can have our kitchen back. 
We do, too.


Our Family

Our Family
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