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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thoughts on the Mo-Fem Movement…

Someone today asked me about how I felt about the "Ordain Women" movement of a group of LDS women. While I recognize this as a possibly controversial issue, I wanted to express my personal and heart-felt thoughts: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints proclaims that women and men have an equal partnership before The Lord. 

When individuals misunderstand that women's and men's responsibilities need to be equal, pride is getting in the way. 

Equality and equity are two completely different ideas: equity indicates fairness and equality indicates. sameness (e.g., If I need a pair of shoes and you need a pair of shoes and someone gives me blue shoes that fit and someone gives you red shoes that fit what we have is equity. If, however, I demand equality, I will be given the same red shoes that you have, even if they don't fit.) 

God's Plan is perfect. The Priesthood is the responsibility of men in the church. That is by divine design. I know that together with my husband we are able to lead our family where we need to be.

Finally, for those more intellectual and scholarly arguments. The word Elohim in Hebrew references the plural of God (El) and means exalted husband and wife. The implications of this idea are deep and far reaching. However, the most important point to me is that this demonstrates that for my eternal happiness and salvation my husband and I must work extensively together. And, that without one another we are stagnant, imperfect, and unable to progress and live with God again.


Our Family

Our Family
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