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Friday, March 15, 2013

Thoughts on Evolution

I like the satire of the idea of reverse evolution, even though reverse evolution is technically an erroneous notion.* 

* Evolution is not a movement or progression to any given end goal of an ideal species. It's all about the ability to survive in one's environment. Those who possess traits more suitable for thriving in any given environment will pass along those traits and others will, well, die off. A good contrast to spiritual evolution where there is an end goal of perfection. At least we can take comfort in that the evolution that matters is progression with an end goal. The other, well, is temporary. But I digress ...

Well, I got to thinking about the reverse evolution of the cell phone yesterday when I was handed this sucker to be on-call as a Disaster Action Team Lead for our local American Red Cross.

It was just large and heavy compared to what I usually carry around and I am carrying it around for the next 6 days. 

So, I give you the retro-evolution of the cell phone.


And finally ...

It appears that the selective preference for diverse technological capabilities is producing larger phones, but only evolution will tell us whether bigger will be better.


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Our Family
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