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Monday, March 25, 2013

Picture-Text Fest

Kenz has been in Washington this week. Every time she goes I ask her to take lots of pictures, she asks me to take lots of pictures, and this is what you get: a picture texting fest.

The conversation went along these lines:

Kenz: We're here!
Me: Send a picture!

Kenz: Here you go! (The Capitol from the House side. I used to run down that hill daily.)
Me: Cool!

Hours later ...
Me: Send a picture!

Me: Fun!
Kenz: We're eating dinner. (Busboys and Poets, where Binx had her first solid food.)

Which happened to be a sweet potato fry ...

Next day ...
Kenz: How's the weather there?
Me: Cold, don't know.
Kenz: Is it snowing?
Me: Hold on ...

Me: Boo.
Kenz: DC Traffic is awful. It's going to take me 2 hours to get to VA.
Me: Send a picture.

Me: Bwahahaha. (Just kidding.)
Me: We're going to a movie.

After the movie ...

Next day ...
Kenz: Good morning!
Me: Good morning, shoes.

Me: Did you go to the outlets in Leesburg?
Me: She's singing and being a princess.

Me: You like?

Kenz: You like? (I like cuff links.)
Me: Where are you?
Kenz: The Masonic temple.

Me: I got these for her. (She's sleeping.)

Me: We're looking at cars.
(Proceeded by a picture of every car we looked at with Binx in various stages of crawling around their clean interiors.)

Me: I get this?

Kenz: (no response)
Me: Okay, I got it.

Me: Bedtime story.

Next Day ...
Me: Grandpa gave her this for breakfast.

Kenz: That's what I thought.
Me: She's hiding it from grandma. 

Kenz: Look at this cute baby.

Kenz: Look at this sandwich I'm eating. (Which happens to be my favorite sandwich ever - Jimmy John's Beach Club.)

Me: Grandpa made bowls for us, which do you like more?
Kenz: Fun!

Next time, I'm asking for more pictures of monuments and fewer pictures of shoes and sandwiches. And, I'm going to Jimmy John's for dinner.


Maleen said...

Ha ha. My favorite part was...

I get this?
(No repsonse)
I got it.

Sounds like me. Although I hope you didn't get just an empty box.

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Our Family
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