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Monday, March 18, 2013


We. Are. Blessed.

I am so grateful for a wonderful job that provides for many our needs, that I enjoy, and where I have flexibility.

Today our friend who watches Adi on Mondays this semester couldn't watch Adi (she might have broken her arm--feel better Kari!), so I took an impromptu day to spend with Adi. It was kind of crazy with my preparations for Washington, and I have a ton more to do tomorrow, but it was such a great day!

Because I changed things around, I reorganized a nail appointment I had booked for this morning. It was so fun!

While I was getting gel polish done, Adi was picking a color, getting her nails done, and making friends. At the age of three, I'm not too ashamed to admit it was not the first time she'd gotten her nails done at a salon, but she definitely had a lot more attention this time!

Adi chose a bright aqua blue color and I went with a fun sea foam green color. I'm absolutely obsessed with how they turned out! A friend of mine had been recommending her nail gal for months (years probably) and I finally made the call. She is REALLY good.

I mean, the best. Perfection. I might have made a big mistake. Huge. I don't think I can live with mediocrity after today. And I might just be obsessed with getting my nails done.

It's interesting though. I LOVE getting my hair done, but there is something even more special about getting my nails done... Probably because I'm a hand talker and because I see my heads more than my hair. We'll see--I'm curious if anyone will notice.

The end result for both of us was great! We had a blast and can't wait to go back! Maybe a pedicure this spring or summer is in order as a girl's date!

Anyway... here's to work hard when I'm at work and play hard when I'm home, even if that day home is unexpected.

Seriously though. So blessed.


Amber said...

So cute, I love that color! That sounds like such a fun day!

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