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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Donkey-hotay" and the Nativity

Last night, for our Family Home Evening lesson we played out the nativity story with a little nativity set that Adi has (based on the Christmas nursery lesson). We began by singing, "Away in a Manger" because honestly, it's the best only way to retain any attention from the two-year old.

After getting the nativity story down, which took on its own life with the donkey with a missing ear, who Adi has named "Don Quixote"(I guess donkey sounds like Don Qui-xote, right?), Adi was done (5 minutes max, folks) until we read the poem included in the lesson.

A baby in a manger, 
A loving mother near, 
A star shines in the heavens, 
The Son of God is here!

A simple and beautiful message to help us all retain our focus on the meaning of our celebrations.

I have found that I am not much different from my two-year old when it comes to becoming overly distracted by holiday-season garnishments. 


Our Family

Our Family
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