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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Domesticity realized.

Ryan had a vision.

He was going to wire three sets of these to the railing. One right side up, the other upside down.

I wasn't quite sold. 

We have been seeing some pretty Christmas door sprays lately, but we wanted to do something unique. Something pretty. Plus, we like our door wreath, a lot (these actually match the wreath pretty well, too). 

So, while at Hobby Lobby, we bought a couple of these, used some wire to attach them to the railing, and voi la! 

Our own unique garland. 

Happy December! 
We might add a bow to the middle. What do you think?


Chelsea said...

I love it! Such a great way to decorate!

Amber said...

So cute, I love it!! I think it looks good how it is, but a bow would be cute too!

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