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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Best $1. Ever.

My husband is pretty amazing.

When we first got married I wanted to buy a fall wreath, but he was unsatisfied with the options available and wanted to make one instead (he's picky). So, he and my mom created a wonderful masterpiece.

The same has been true since. Today at Lowe's he was so very excited to see that fresh garland and wreaths were on clearance for only $1!

He looked at me with those eyes and a "please" expression on his face and we bought some. :) (How couldn't we, it was $1 and the garland was in great shape - still fresh!)

And, while I was at a baby shower for my cute neighbor, he and Adi put it up.
Gorgeous. I wish it had been there the day after Thanksgiving to have enjoyed it longer. But we'll make the most of it in the coming weeks!

Simply chic.

Oh, and the tin stars? 

We made those


Our Family

Our Family
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