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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fan Mail

I receive fan mail sometimes at work (see below).

At least I like to think it's fan mail. This particular sender is quite persistent and somehow remains unconvinced that I am the wrong target audience for these propositions.

Because the extent of my German expertise does not extend much past "das ist super," "das ist gud," "bitte," "ich bin ein berliner," and the numbers up to ten,  I ran this through good old Google translator

I'm a bit concerned, not because the message was spicy in any way, but because this person asserts that they have visited my office home. This has not happened to the best of my knowledge. Maybe this is what celebrities with stalkers, or what being pursued by the paparazzi feels like. I guess enough people creeping around could send anyone into a vicious spiral into Britney Spears version 2007.


Our Family

Our Family
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