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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dictators and Pine Trees

When I was young, I found that an overgrown rose bush in my grandparent's back yard had formed a internal void perfect for a club house. I spent the summer with my cousins trimming out an entrance to get in, eventually forming an entry room, a patio area, and a quaint office in the back for the club president, who happened to be me for the most part (I survived a couple of coup d'etats during my rule tenure and resorted to some forms of dictatorial rule which may have included a "punishment chair" with rose thorns on it). But that's a story for a later day, or for days when my younger siblings need something to gripe about.

So, one day while I was chasing Adi around grandma and grandpa's yard, I found a little space between some branches of a pine tree. I hid in there and jumped out to scare her.

She loved it and wanted to get in and scare others (or rather be scared by others) while she was in the pine tree.

Funny girl.


Our Family

Our Family
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