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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Gotcha. (Although I really have always wanted twins!)

Last weekend, when we got home from the cabin, we noticed that the swallows' nest by our next-door neighbors' door was broken. We were sad! We knew they had been building it and it seemed that there might be eggs or baby birds inside. 

Well, come to find out there were babies, and they'd fallen out when the nest broke (or when someone broke it)! Two of the five had died, but there were three left that our neighbors had put in a make-shift nest inside a hanging potted plan. The mom/dad was still hanging out and coming back, but wasn't coming to the new nest. 

In the meantime, Ryan was really keen on taking care of them so we googled what to feed baby swallows and bam, we were borrowing dog food, mixing in apple sauce, and calcium carbonate. I was (and am still) skeptical, and it gives me anxiety, but we're trying to to make sure they survive. 

After the first night, Ryan was concerned that they would get cold, so he put on a glove and brought the smallest one inside into a nice shoebox-nest. He fed it and even took it to work with him. But, when we got home, the make-shift nest was so very, very hot that one of the other birds had died. 

We rescued the other bird that was literally on death's door--its breathing was very shallow and it was barely moving. But, after some cool air, time, and some food and water it was perky once more. (I just feel sad that we didn't save all three.)

We're hoping that we can nurse them to health--we've been watching the mom/dad and are hoping that we might be able to re-introduce the babies soon. 

Here are some pictures of our adventures with them so far...  


Amber said...

That is so cute that you guys are doing that!! I love your pictures too, it looks like you are having a fun summer.

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