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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let Freedom Run!

Our Independence Day was fabulous! It started out with a 5:40am alarm and we were off!

Thanks to winning two entrances to the 2012 Freedom Festival race, we dressed down and headed to Kiawanis Park to race! We snapped a few pictures before the race with our bright-eyed fashionista and in tow and headed to the start lines! 

Ryan ran the 10k and I ran the 5k. Lucky for me though, I ran into Mirinda and Lauren before the race started and bam, running buddies! We had such a fun time running and jogging, chatting, and laughing. Definitely the best. race. ever. Thanks ladies!

After the race we headed to look at the balloons and they were gone. It was really sad! We saw a couple in the sky, but nothing note (or picture) worthy, next year I guess! 

We snapped a few pictures of parade balloons filling up with air and headed to my parents for a red, white, and blue breakfast! Pancakes with mixed berries and whipped creme anyone? Yes. Please. 

We got ready quickly and headed back to the parade... but we basically missed it. 

Ohhhhhh well. Again, next year I guess!

We headed home, napped, watched our favorite Fourth-of-July movie, Independence Day, and then BBQ'd it up at my parents. My mom even made these fancy tri-colored drinks. 

We relaxed and then headed to a little neighborhood fireworks show that was a lot of fun (although definitely avoid arial fireworks that have fallen on their side, it can be dangerous)! 

All in all, the perfect Fourth of July! Can't wait until next year! 

Independence Day 2012 


Our Family

Our Family
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