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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The smell of new construction...

The past few days have been absolutely agonizing.

Packing, moving, cleaning, and then, oh wait, being homeless. Then there was the uncertainty of whether or not I would be able to be there to close and whether or not we would close this week or not.

But, we did! We are officially home owners! I wasn't there, but I will be in a couple of days!

Ryan was sweet and tried to keep me up to speed when he could and sent me this memorable picture as he finished. Love. That. Boy.

Meanwhile, I had a dinner tonight in DC--Tuscana West, delicious--right as our families descended to help with the move. Thank goodness for amazing families who step in to save the day.

My mother-in-law and mom are especially wonderful because my mother-in-law helped me clean and pack while my mom watched Adi. Saints.

After dinner, I called to see how things were going.

Ryan said that things went well. I asked how the house was and he said "it smells like new construction?"

It smells like new construction!

And, it was spotless.
And they cleaned the carpets.
And they touched up all the paint and left a 5-gallon can for us.

The seller was awesome. A dream. I feel so lucky (and blessed really) to have found a conventional sale from the original builder. They made sure to protect their reputation.

And they did a dang good job--I will definitely consider them if we choose to build in Utah down the road.

But for now, we are excited about starting out as home owners!

First project: Adi's room!


Katlin Vest said...

Is that a picture of your new place?!?! It's gorgeous!! I can't wait to see it... hint hint :)

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