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Monday, May 7, 2012

Audacious Adi

This little lady is mine... 

For better or worse.

I say for better or worse because she has definitely got my personality.

And someday, she may hate that. But for now, it has made her the cutest, sweetest, friendliest little girl.

Yesterday was our first day in our new ward. I was so excited. I had butterflies in my stomach and it reminded me of moving as a child... a little nervousness, a new adventure, another set of friends, I loved it. I had forgotten that feeling, and it was fun to recognize a fresh start and new stage in life in a traditional ward.

The moment we arrived, we were asked if we were new, and from that moment onward it was golden.

After Sacrament meeting, we found one of four nurseries (by following a woman with a little girl, and come to find out she was new too). I was bit apprehensive because a couple of weeks ago (after about four weeks away from nursery) Adi did not want us to leave and screamed and cried. But yesterday, it was like she knew my nervousness and recognized it was a new ward, with new friends. I introduced her to the nursery leader and she scampered off. I love that darling, gregarious little girl. Such a friend.

Sunday School and Relief Society/Elder's Quorum were great too--I'm excited about the activities and ways to get involved. I am however, a little nervous about callings. On the back of the program was the get-to-know-you form and for one reason or another they always ask previous callings... we'll see what the future holds.

Later in the afternoon, the ward had a "Break the Fast," a semi-annual or so tradition of having dinner together as a ward. Everyone was so friendly, introduced themselves, and wanted to get to know us. It was so welcoming.

Here's to more (new) friends, a fresh start, and a gregarious, darling little girl who scampers off to nursery to make new friends.


Our Family

Our Family
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