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Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh. My. Goodness.

I got a phone call from my dad on Saturday morning. He was in a rush, but said that he'd found a 'desk' for Adi at a yard sale in American Fork as he and my brother were driving by...

I said really!? You found a desk!?

When my brothers and I were kids, my dad found a one-piece vintage desk at DI. It was in rough shape and rusted in a few places. My dad refurbished it and soon it looked brand new. It was one of those lift-the-metal/Formica-lid desks and is a distinct memory from each of our childhoods.

I never did know what happened to it. In fact, a few months ago I thought my dad might still have it somewhere and I asked him about it. He said it had been gone for ages. I was really sad as an adult, because it would have been perfect for Adi.

I started looking around online and not only are they impossible to find, they are ridiculously expensive when you can find them. Hundreds of dollars! (I guess the whole vintage thing is back with DIY crafters and such.)

So, I gave up hope.

Then I got that call Saturday morning. I doubted whether it was a desk or just a desk.

But when I saw it, oh. my. goodness. It's a desk! A one-piece vintage desk! The cousin of my childhood desk! But, instead of a Formica top that opens, it has an older, wooden top with a cubby underneath and an opening on top for an ink well.

I couldn't believe it! It was incredible.

What's even more incredible is the story...

My brother, Chris, was driving along when my dad yelled, "Stop, Stop!" My brother Chris, not having any idea what danger or trouble their in, slammed on the breaks, while (according to Chris) my dad started hopping out of the truck still going 30mph.

He hopped out and ran across the street. It's still before 8:00am, so the yard sale hadn't really started yet, but my dad pointed to the desk, asked how much and swiped his debit card (fancy iPhone squared app), and in a matter of seconds has a receipt in his e-mail inbox.

They didn't even have room in the truck, so they said they'd be back in a little while.

When they finished their morning errands within a couple of hours, they drove back to pick up the desk. The woman who sold him the desk said something along the lines of, "lots of people were interested in that desk and offered a lot of money for it."

And my first thought when I heard that was of course they did! Vintage is really, really trendy right now. It also made me smile gleefully from ear to ear because my dad, my wonderful, squinty-smile dad asked how much it cost and without batting an eye, gladly paid the full asking-price. All $10 of it.


Ames said...

We had old desks like that when we were kids too!! So. Much. Fun. I'm so excited you were able to find one!

P.S. Here's my email address to continue to read your blog:

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