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Friday, April 6, 2012

Location, Location, Location

We are so excited about our house!

We've got earnest money down, due diligence deadline today, and inspection Monday. We can't wait!

I am however, kinda bummed we still have an entire month before we close. (Although said month should go fairly quickly here.)

We've started picking out specific paint colors and are starting to de-clutter and pack. (I'd forgotten how much the packing and actually moving part isn't so great.)

A few people have asked where we're moving and are surprised when they learn our house is actually a townhouse and that it's here in Orem, close to where we're renting.

My impression has been, "hum, you bought a townhouse in Orem? Why didn't you leave Orem and buy a real house?" And "houses are more expensive in Orem, why not Spanish Fork or Lehi?"

The answer, to sum it up in three words is: Location, Location, Location.

The first two decisions we made instantaneously about what we wanted to buy were: 1) no single family homes (we're not ready for the amount of yard work involved and if we leave for med school and have to rent it, a yard would be a serious issue) and 2) location is everything for us and for renters, we wanted to stay in a great neighborhood that is rentable long term, close to BYU and UVU, close to shopping, close to I-15, and close to my parents' home.

So, we wanted a townhouse in Orem.

We didn't want a single-family home.

And we didn't even consider moving to places like Spanish Fork or Lehi.

When we learned of the community that we ended up purchasing in, we were thrilled! Not only did it meet all of those criteria, it's also only three blocks away from a front runner station that will open in January.

Ideal? I. Think. So.

So, we are absolutely thrilled about our new townhouse in Orem and can't wait to post pictures from room to room as we transform and stage it.

Wish us luck with patience the next four weeks.


The Linfords said...

congrats again! How exciting! Location is EVERYTHING!

Amber said...

Location really is everything. That is so exciting!! For sure post pictures.

Andrew & Elise said...

I think you're going to love being in a townhome. That's what we bought and it's so much more social than living in your own house. Even if we had the money to buy a nice home, I'd still choose a townhome while I have a really young family. Congrats!

beth said...

I have to admit, I was surprised. BUT it was only because I took you literally when you said you bought a house (to me, house = single family home). I think a townhome is a fantastic idea, and it sounds like it will suit your needs perfectly. I'm thrilled for you!

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