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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life Lately

This picture of McKenzie's cousin's daughter's dog (did you catch all that?) made me almost want a pup of my own (and maybe a fire pit to go along with it).

Adi was playing with her Rapunzel Tower today, and I found Flynn like this in her closet. She has seen the movie too many times, I think.

Exciting news! I was accepted as a member for the National Language Services Corps Pilot Program. What does that even mean? Probably nothing, but check it out here. Who knows, on some random occasion I could be helping out in an emergency or disaster in some Spanish-speaking community or country somewhere.

I will spare you the images of my BioChem exam review materials and notes, GenChem equations, and physiologic processes running through my mind right now. But on that topic, hemoglobin is pretty cool and I have to get back to studying steroid structures and enzyme kinetics.

Life is good.

Okay, maybe I won't spare you the images. Feel free to look away from this nerdiness.

Enzyme kinetics are cool. I wish I were smart enough to have derived the equations, or at least smart enough to derive them having seen them at this point. But I'm working on it and hopefully will get it soon.


Our Family

Our Family
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