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Friday, February 10, 2012

Before the Blog

Wow, today I came across something I had completely forgotten even existed... A note on facebook. And, while this may seem trivial... this was the predecessor to this blog. In fact, the last time I wrote on it was about six months before I started this blog. Surreal.

So without further ado, I introduce you to some awesome throw backs. 

*Disclaimer. I was between the ages of 18 and 21 when I wrote these, so don't be surprised if I sounded immature. 

- August 2, 2005 -

Today I went to a beach here in Virginia and got stung by a JELLY
FISH! Aghhhh - crap it hurt! All of my left arm and my left knee area
and my right wrist and hand! Even now (hours later) I feel like I've
got body spasms every so often because of the pricking feeling! Darn
Jelly Fish!

- September 10, 2005 -

I went to Lee's Baptism today. I am so proud of him. The spirit was so
strong and Lee was glowing. He is an amazing example of a Christ-like
person. Lee, I love you!

- September 17, 2005 -

Okay, so definition of 'White Water Rafting' on the Green River is
definitely - 'Brown Water Rowing'. Class 3 Rapids? Yeah right. It was
a ton of fun, but at one point the wind was blowing us in the opposite
direction of the current!

- September 19, 2005 -

Today I went golfing for the first time in my life and I scored a 68!
Awesome isn't it? It was a ton of fun even though I was all by myself.
The only problem is... it was only 9 holes. Oh well... practice makes
perfect right?

- September 22, 2005 -

So... I skipped my classes but thank goodness! At around 11:00am I
heard early warning signs of major problem. I was sleeping when I
heard rushing water (and I mean RUSHING). Then I heard an odd sound
coming from the bathroom - men yelling and women laughing... never a
good sign. So, I got up out of bed, put a sweatshirt on and opened my
door. Right as I did a girl ran at of the bathroom and I said, "what's
going on?" and she said, "The pipe is broken"... and at that very
moment water started rushing from under the bathroom door - straight
for MY ROOM. So, I grabbed all the towels that I could and started
blockading my door... and it started to spread. I started banging on
my girls' doors and all of the suddeden it was a mad house. Water was
everywhere! They didn't know how to turn off the pipes so in a matter
of 5 minutes there were 2 inches of standing water - EVERYWHERE. It
was crazy and we took pictures. I feel like this was a bonding
experience. My girls are the best and they were amazing with helping
everyone out! 1100 Taylor Tamales are HOT!

- September 23, 2005 -

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, you're over the hill
and comin' down fast, Happy Birthday to you!" - hahaha - today is my
Mom's 50th birthday and that is CRAZY. My parents are totally young at
heart (and it's a good thing 'cause there's no room for old foggies
here!). Anyway, I totally ran 4 miles this morning! Totally amazing! I
still can't believe I did it! Went to the dentist - no cavities!
Totally amazing!

- October 2, 2005 -

So, today was pretty much the most amazing day. I went to General
Conference with a great friend and sat on the first row of the second section on the main level. The

talks were so moving and powerful and the music radiated love and the spirit.

- October 8, 2005 -

Went to Lagoon last night with Blake, Jay, Joe, and Nat - had a riot!
Frightmares was kinda funny and the roller coasters were awesome! Spent some time in an actual

house - it was awesome. Loved the bean bag and had a ton of fun. Plus I was with some of my best

- October 14, 2005 -

Oh my goodness! I have never been so embarrassed! I was an hour and half late last night! I could 

have died! It turned out alright... we couldn't
take pictures at the park and the ice in the glasses was 100%
melted... but it's all good. I really enjoyed the dance and the movie
afterwards... I guess it doesn't matter when you're in good company.

- October 22, 2005 -

Okay so Carolyn is awesome! I was able to drive a stick for the first
time in my life and I love it! I'm a little shaky and jerky (which is
of course understandable) but I am excited about being able to have
mad driving skills! What, what!?

- February 2, 2006 -

So... today I woke up, checked my e-mail, and saw that I had an e-mail
from BYU financial services. Well, I checked my account and it said
that I had been charged $300 for the ISP Madrid Program... which
means... I'm going to Spain for a whole semester! I got accepted to
the Study Abroad!!! Yeah! Que bueno, no?

- February 22, 2006 -

Just got back from Mexico and it was fabulous! I met a lot of Mormons
down there and even went to a stake dance with some friends! Let's
just say you'd never be able to dance like that at a stake dance in
the states (if you know what I mean)... I saw my friend Demetrius and
it was crazy! I love that kid! Learned how to say 'make out' in
Mexican slang - "Chupar la pina" which literally means to suck the
pineapple... Anyway... Chris is back and we'll be here on Sunday or
Monday! Time flies!

- July 1, 2006 -

I totally fulfilled a life-long dream today! I wore the sacred orange
Events Staff polo at BYU stadium and will forever be immortalized into
some little kid's memory. My brothers and I worked for Stadium of Fire
events and it was awesome... Taylor who?

- August 8, 2006 -

Ohmygosh! I went to my first concert tonight and it was incredible! I'm not gonna lie, I'd never even 

heard about Death Cab for Cutie before I was invited to go, but I actually like some of their songs. 
Don't know if the whole Indie Rock thing - guys wearing girls pants and everybody's anorexic - is my 
kinda gig, but the concert rocked... don't be jealous. :)

- September 23, 2006 -

What an incredible experience! Today I had the opportunity to see the
most famous single work of art of the 20th century, Guernica. We (the
group of study abroad students) went to the Reina Sofía today to see
this extraordinary piece of art during 'La noche en blanco' (a single
day each year in various European cities where museums, concerts,
theater, and other performances are free). I walked into the one of
the large galleries and noticed many sketches and early pieces of
Guernica that Picasso had painted prior to the final masterpiece. I
was perusing the early work, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a
large mass of people. I turned and for the first time in my life I saw
it, Guernica. It was breathtaking. The monumental work enveloped the
large gallery which was filled with admirers. I gazed up in awe. The
symbolism embodied within the work depicted the pain and anguish of
war and painted a solemn reminder; it was so powerful I cried.

- December 9, 2006 -

Holy Crap! I just got back from Africa, and let me tell you it was
amazing! We took advantage of the Spanish 'Puente' to travel to
Morocco and after all was said and done, had traveled 48 hours (by
every form of ground transportation) to play for 12 hours in
Marrakesh. I'll never forget sketch night and the cats in India, or
wait, was it Agraba? (Paul, Adeline?), our hotel with awesome showers
and 'yoink' worthy breakfast (carbs, carbs, or more carbs, Richard?),
snake charmers and the biting monkeys (Chris, Scott, Richard, Heidi,
Ryan?), bartering for unmentionable products (Jolyn?), henna and our
Mo-Roccin' t-shirts in French Arabic (Shannon?), and rough seas and
boat surfing... etc. Some of my firsts of this trip were: Africa, hard
core ghetto with druggies, ferry, bartering, snake charmers, sleeping
in a bed on a train, sharing a toothbrush, coos-coos (which is amazing
by the way), etc. It was awesome and it's still weird to think, "Dude,
I was in freakin' AFRICA!"

PS... 12 friends. 48 hours worth of traveling. 12 magical hours in
Marrakesh. Priceless.

- January 14, 2007 -

My little brothers and I have an unbreakable bond. They are amazing
and girls, they're single. This is a tribute to them and our
experiences together...

Biospher, Bio-queer! For 50 bucks this really sucks!
Ben Vereen and his spleen, he's a gospel soul machine!
Hiked the 'Y' and saw some llamas! Saw a llama and its Mama!
Seven Peaks really wreaks! Lazy River don't make me quiver.
Chuck-A-Rama ain't Alabama! Stuffed my face, what a disgrace.

- February 24, 2007 -

I hosted a dinner party last night and it was wonderful. It was the
craziest thing I've ever done, but the food was fabulous and the
conversation sparkling. We had raspberry chicken, red potatoes,
caprese, fruit salad, green bean casserole, and brownies with ice
cream. It made me happy to see a bunch of my friend together and
something that I would do again in a heart beat.

Also... I have given into the peer pressure and the social mandate
that declares one MUST have facebook. I am what someone once called a
socialite, but I guess that is a good thing, right?

- March 14, 2007 -

I am ecstatic! Today I was offered an internship with the Senate
Committee on Rules and Administration under Senator Bennett's office.
I will be in Washington D.C. from April 26th to August 16th and will
be living on Pennsylvania Avenue - the same street as the President!
It will be amazing... and who knows a trip to New York might be in
order as well...

- June 7, 2007 -

Life is absolutely fantastic. I have been in Washington for over a
month now, and each day new and exciting events occur. My first week I
was sworn into the Senate - I vowed to uphold the Constitution - and
it has been getting better since then. I listen to the Senate
proceedings each day in an effort to take advantage of being here.
Senator Lott conversed with me in an elevator, Barbra Boxer came to
the Senate gallery with Sally Fields while I was there, Hillary
Clinton walked off the elevator, but the neatest things about being in
Washington happened this week. Two days ago a few friends of mine and
I attended a reception held to promote awareness for Invisible
Children - a documentary about night commuters - children - in Uganda
and Sudan. It was very touching. The neatest things were the
celebrities that were there. I met Ben McKenzie and saw Ryan Gosling -
both supporters of the cause. Ben and I shared a few nice moments
joking about the name McKenzie. His personality and demeanor were very
down to earth, and it was a shocking realization that society
falsifies the fame of actors and the like... they are normal guys and
girls. Finally, today I had the neatest opportunity to meet Mitt
Romney. I attended a fund raiser here in Washington, and as he walked
into the building, he turned to my friends and I, smiled and
introduced himself, and said each of our names. When he said my last
name, he asked me if I were a Lawyer - not quite Governor – although
it pays to have a rockin' name. He was very friendly and humble yet
stately at the same time. Later when he was on his way out (while
people were trying to get pictures with him) he put his hand out to
say thank you and goodbye. I asked if I could get a picture and he
said, "Sure, but we've got to make it quick, I'm going to be on
Hanity." We took a picture, it was great. Anyway, those have been the
exciting highlights thus far...

- October 24, 2007 -

Today, my little brother, Austin, went into the MTC. I'm so proud of him! I got to put his tag on him

at the MTC, after which we took some pictures. He is going to be an amazing missionary! Yeah for Baton

- November 12, 2007 -

So, there's a first (and a last) time for everything, right? I got my car towed last night; it really didn't

matter. I learned a valuable lesson about choosing action rather than reaction. I could have thrown a
fit, cried, and been upset, but if something happens that is then outside of your control, what good
does it do to act like a child. Crazy as it sounds, I'm grateful that it happened because it taught me
something about life and myself.

- December 18, 2007 -

I am absolutely ecstatic! I took a class this semester in which on the first day I was nauseous. It was a

combined undergrad/graduate class, and that first day I knew I was in over my head. However, I
worked hard and wrote some difficult papers (with some help - Thanks Ry!). My teachers (Ted Lyon
and John Roseberg) were inspired and they loved their students and the material. It became my
favorite class of my undergraduate career, and today the cherry topped it all when I picked up my
final and it said, "A"! My other classes may have suffered, but I was able to pull off a solid A in Spanish
459R! Whoot Whoot! 


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