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Friday, February 3, 2012

Because I Love God

We as Mormons, are a peculiar people. The reference refers to the Biblical sense.

But then there are days, where I just have to laugh at many of my peers and their peculiarity... 

This week at BYU, it's "Honor Week". A week dedicated to remembering why we have chosen to live by the Honor Code

To be perfectly honest, I think that the Honor Code is, in theory, great. I believe it's purpose is to help BYU students live their religious beliefs. However, sometimes it appears that the Honor Code becomes more important than religious beliefs, and that at times becomes politically charged. Se la vie.

Anyway... this week I walked by this wall in one of the buildings on campus. I thought it was a great idea, except for the love part. I don't think that love is an accurate verb to describe how one feels about the Honor Code.

No matter, when I saw this beauty, I had to laugh. And of course, take a picture.

Odds are this is some nice and innocent Freshman. I guess we all pass through this stage, right? Gotta love it. (:

Why do you love the Honor Code?


Andrea said...

I loved the honor code because drunk roommates puking all over the place is not fun. I love the honor code because listening to my roommates doing it with the boyfriends isn't cool either. The honor code doesn't seem that awesome until u don't have it.

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