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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 12.

It's already the 12th of January, and already I'm behind on my resolutions. Not so much the big ones, but mostly the little, day-to-day ones. And I say behind because I could always get caught up... 

Like blogging for example. 
I want to blog every day. And not always about the big stuff. I want to cherish the little stuff too. 

Lie... this week our little lady has been sick. Her first 'real' sickness. She's had a cough, runny nose, an on-and-off fever, and has completely lost her voice. It makes me so sad. When she cries, tears roll down her face without much accompanying sound. Poor Adi. 

Today Ryan took her to the doctor, her absolute least favorite place. Ryan said she would be fine reading a book and then burst out crying. In fact, when I saw Adi later, she would start crying about every 10 minutes for no reason. I'm convinced she's traumatized. Oh boy. Maybe a child-sized stethoscope for her birthday? Maybe not. 

Anyway, they said her lungs look clear, and that we just need to continue monitoring her fever and giving her acetaminophen and liquids... we'll see how she does. I hope she gets better soon!

Let's hope I come out unscathed from this. Career Fair is t-minus two weeks and counting. 


Our Family

Our Family
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