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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Baby Names

Catchy title, right?

Nope, not pregnant. Sorry to disappoint. (:

Ever since before Ryan and I got married, I have had an odd obsession conjecturing baby names. In fact, the second week we were married, I spent the entire Sacrament Meeting writing possible baby names.

We came up with a pretty good list if I don't say so myself.

Then Adrielle came along, and that wasn't on our short list, but we feel in love with it the moment we even heard it.

We think that's happened again. And because this is our journal of sorts and I'm not paranoid about sharing names, I'm going to share.

This past week we met with our financial advisor. He's got three kids and each of them is named after a president: Lincoln, McKinley, and Reagan. As we talked about it, he said that they've thought about using the name Pierce in the future.

We love it.

I love it almost enough to have a baby just to name him (or her, it could work... right? haha) Pierce.


And... on that same note. We saw this blessing dress at a boutique recently.

Must. have. with next baby girl. Isn't it beautiful!?

But nope, not pregnant. (:


Shelly said...

That dress is gorgeous and I love the name! I have Jim convinced that we're totally naming our next kid Reagan, boy or girl although I really like the name more for girl. I think Pierce would work really well either way and sounds good with your last name.

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