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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Santa Party | 2011

Four years ago, when I became part of Ryan's family, I was privileged with the chance to sit on the real Santa's lap. In fact, I've been blessed to be able to sit on his lap every year; it has been a tradition in Ryan's family for over twenty-five years. 

Each year Santa comes to a Sunday-evening family Christmas party. It's been dubbed the "Santa Party" because Santa makes a special trip, with a special naughty and nice list. He invites each child (or in my case adult) to sit on his lap, asks specifics about school, life, jobs, etc, asks what we want for Christmas and when all is said and done hands out delicious cherry candy canes. (He even manages to bring a few extra for Brooke :) 

Last year, Adi met Santa for the first time. She did fairly well and this year she did even better. She must be her mama's child because although you can't quite tell in either of the videos, she loves Santa. (Again, I won't mention that I've been priming her since September.)

And do I love that she loves Santa? You bet.

Santa Party | Christmas 2011


Our Family

Our Family
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