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Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Weekends

This past weekend was busy and interesting to say the least. It started with these classic moments, had a few ups and downs, but ended on a wonderful note...

Saturday afternoon, we drove up to Salt Lake to meet Ryan's family at Temple Square. It was so much fun!

It was cold outside so we started inside the Visitor's Center. Adi saw the Christus and wanted to give it a hug.  I love the ideas that she comes up with! His arms are open. (:

On our way out we stopped to listen to a choir performing, Adi liked that too. She started to sing along. 

After making our way outside, we caught the nativity story about halfway through. 

And although Adi really liked the manger scene, she cried when the lights went out and said, "broken!" And had a really rough time with it. So... we stayed to see it again. 

Stars are one of Adi's favorite things, so I had Ryan snap a picture of the manger with the star. 

And even made it into the Salt Lake Tabernacle (I'd never been inside before.)

On our way out, we asked a nice family to take a picture of us. Just another reason I need to invest in a really nice camera. Sometimes the iPhone just really doesn't do it for me. But happy we got one just the same. :) 


After leaving Temple Square we headed to Ryan's parent's for their annual Christmas dinner. Can I say yummy. I failed to get a picture, but we had such yummy food and even crab legs. We toasted the coming year, and to say that I am excited about 2012 would be an understatement. Gonna be the best. year. yet.


Our Family

Our Family
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