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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear world.

Dear world. 

You are lucky. Roughly a quarter of a century ago, you were introduced to a beautiful, intelligent, fabulous girl. It was a glorious day. Today is another glorious day, her birthday. You should celebrate. 

To pay tribute to this fabulous girl, let's highlight some good times, memories, and photographs. 

Exhibit A: Gorgeous

Exhibit B: Adventuresome, fun traveler

Exhibit C: She kind of reminds me of Einstein (she's getting her MBA you know)

Exhibit D: She keeps this city in check

Exhibit E: She comes to visit for early-morning breakfasts

Exhibit F: She doesn't take herself too seriously

Exhibit G: She is totally chill

Happy Birthday Adriel! We love you and think you're the best! 
We hope you have a fabulous birthday and get to a little relaxin' this weekend!

(By the way, she's single and fabulous. Just sayin'.)


Our Family

Our Family
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