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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Binx and BYU

It would be no surprise if Binx were encouraged to attend BYU for her undergraduate degree. Kenz comes from a long line of BYU alumni and professors, and to say she loves BYU would be an understatement. After class last Friday, I picked up the Binx and we walked around campus while we were waiting for Kenz to get off work.

We started at Botany Pond to feed the ducks because really, who doesn't enjoy feeding ducks your moldy bread? We're not big bread eaters at our house and so at one point I think I had stored the remnants of over 4 loaves in the fridge for the sole purpose of feeding ducks.

And who knew that there were turtles in Botany Pond? If you did, kudos. I had never seen them in there before. (Maybe they used to be ninja turtles -- my 7-year-old self can only hope.)

Perhaps the most exciting and disturbing part of our experience was this ugly catfish. I had visions of Dementors as this thing skimmed the surface of the pond.

After seeing the nasty fish, Binx ran up and down some stairs for a while, and then we took a stroll along the stream that cuts across the hill to south campus. Binx mostly wanted to chill in the "wawa".

Honestly, I couldn't blame the girl.

After following the stream to its source, we walked across campus enjoying views of the SWKT and ESC with a backdrop of blue skies and picturesque mountains.

After that walk, I have to admit that I would encourage Binx to pursue a BYU education. My academic experiences here have been exceptional and the atmosphere is lively and dynamic. My experiences at other universities have also been great, but for me there is just something special about BYU.


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