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Friday, July 29, 2011

Photo Shoot... attempt?

Last night, Ryan and I took Adi to Nielson's Grove Park to take her pictures. I was excited to try out a fast Nikon lens that a professor here at BYU let me borrow. 

It was tough.

Adi was constantly on the move, and was completely ignoring me. Completely. Deliberately. 

Despite her best efforts, I did manage to get a few, although nothing like I'd hoped. Enjoy!

This bird had taken food right out of Ryan's hand.

A millisecond before she threw this headband in the pond.

 She is pretty dang cute.

Looking back to see if I would chase her.

Check out that static!

And now for the favorites...

Ryan saw this and said she looked like a mini model. Funny little girl.

I love this picture, especially the color (I only wish there was a better catch light in her eyes). 
And, you'll have to ignore her little scowl.  


Tim and Jennifer said...

You'll love these forever!

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Our Family
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