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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Recording OChem: Ode to Kenz

I have the best wife in universe.

Who sits through 2 hours of Organic Chemistry to video the lecture for her husband who is taking a final elsewhere and who only asked her to drop off a recorder to the professor?

She did.

Who will most likely do the same again on Friday (unless I can talk her out of it for her own sake)?

She will.

I am so grateful to share my life with such a loving spouse who is my best friend. I can't adequately express how much I love her. She is my partner in this crazy life, she is my confidant, my number one fan and supporter. She works hard, is an intellectual who relates to people in a way many cannot, is stunningly beautiful, enthusiastic, and a wonderful mother.

Just thought you all should know --
if you didn't know already, that is.


Amanda Jeffs said...

i knew that! mckenzie is amazing, and I loved reading this post. so cute.

kell said...

I knew!

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Our Family
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