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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh the weekend...

After coming home yesterday afternoon for Adi's nap, we went on a little outing to Target to get a delicious Ghirardelli brownie mix. On our trip, we also bought a...

Snack Trap! Yay!

It was fun to get out and run around with a happy baby! Here are some pictures from us on our way out...

Adi and Me

Adi and Ryan

Notice the one sock on, one sock off, shoe in hand, and hand in cup holder. This is a frequent scene in our car. She takes her shoes and socks off all the time. 

This morning (Sunday), Adi was in the other room watching WALL-E. We went out to see what she was doing and she was in her chair! It was so cute! She got in it all by herself. I love this little girl.

She brightens our days!


Our Family

Our Family
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