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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Last Day of Swimming Lessons

Last week, swimming lessons for February ended. And Adi received her first swimming lesson completion certificate:

It was so much fun! I thoroughly enjoyed spending that special time with Adi--especially after being away from her throughout the day.

It was also fun that we had some friends in the class!  My friend, Chrissy, and her son, Crew, were in the class. (She also posted about the last day of class!) Our grad-school-friend's wife, Sarah, and her darling little girl Madelyn were also in the class. I had Ryan snap a couple shots of us in the pool with our kids.

We usually do a bunch of exercises to acclimate the kids to the water, but the last day was mostly free time!

We had a lot of fun playing with toys and having a blast and Ryan was able to document our fun! 



Tim and Jennifer said...

Ok so I think we lived above your friend Sarah for like a month before we moved right before I had Kyle! Haha. So random! Swimming lessons looks like so much fun.

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